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The purpose of this research / project is to investigate some of the factors that influence an open source framework user's intention to continue using a framework.


Why is it important?

To increase productivity, application developers are using tools that allow them to create applications faster and with greater quality. One particular set of tools, commonly known as open source frameworks, allow their users, application developers, to reuse software artifacts and are claimed to also increase the quality of the applications that are being developed. However, given the vast number of frameworks available, framework users must be able to differentiate between frameworks and select the framework that is best for them.


How does this benefit you?

The results of this study can be used to improve open source framwork development and usage, as well as to measure the success of a framework. Once the analysis is complete, we will present our findings on this website.

Apart from helping the open source community, each respondent is given the option to particpate in a draw for a $500 Visa gift card.



The results of this study can be accessed from the University of Lethbridge by visiting the following address: https://uleth.ca/dspace/handle/10133/3455.

The PDF version can be accessed directly by clicking here.


Survey link:

While the survey has been closed, we are keeping the old link here for historical purposes!


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